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All Work Starts Small

The biggest thing that a startup looks for is - SUSTENANCE .

And in order to sustain the business , you look at the local market . But success may actually lie in International markets where the need is more and the value better . 

But - International is complex.

  • Does the market exist 

  • Do you need licenses ?

  • Are there regulatory challenges 

  • Who are you going to approach 

  • Even if you are to travel - where will you go ?

  • How would local support work 

  • Do you have the system in local languages 

  • Are your registered for local taxation 

Severeal enterepeurial ventures do not succeed as they try to     find a market in the domestic regions - while they may have found the       solution to many a International issue .  If you were to have a guide or mentor by your side who could tell you what to do and how to approach the International market - it would have been wondrous . However who should you go to for asking for advise ? And has he / the company got sufficiengt experience in those markets ?


HOW DOES B-AAS HELP comes to the assistance of all such problems by giving you answers to your questions and adding to your confidence .  We provide a very cost - effective solution whereby you can explore the international markets - without the associated risks . We de-risk your investment and add wings to your product and ideas 



When you approach, a Business associate does a basic evaluation of your product and sees if your product fits in our expertise verticals. If it does not - he does not shy away from saying a clear no as we always belive in facts and the truth 


If your product meets the Vertical Challenge at B-aas , then a B-aas associate researches on your product and schedules a business and a technical call with your Management to clarify our understaning of your product and to hear from you your ideas of what the product or service aims to achive . 



Once the B & T evaluation is done , the B-aas associate works with the vertical head to look at the markets which have the least competition and the maximum requirement for the product or the service . This is an excruciating process which involves talking and seeding ideas with our more than 7000 partners in the regions and gaining their insite . The result of this is a Report that we provide to you which has the SWOT analysis built in for the introduction of the product in every region. At , we divide the regions as 

Middle East & GCC including Turkey  - RE1

South Asia ( SAARC Countries )  - RE2








We act as your advisors to help you decide which Regions should you start eploring first . 


Based on our recommendation and with your interest to enter into a particular region , we give you an option to enroll in our International Sales Programme and choose one or more of the regions in which we will then take over the Marketing / Sales / Pre-Sales and Support of the products . In this process , we need the folloiwng deliverables from your side : 


  1.  Exclusive Master Distribution Rights for               the regions selected .

  2.  Technical Training for our Pre-Sales and              Post Sales team upto Level 2 Support.

   3.  Marketing Co-laterals if any that you                   may have produced.

  4.    A list of references of institutions and           enterprises using your product andservices.


   5. Sales and Pricing Colaterals as required 




B-aas works on a subscribtion based model in which the subscribtions available are as follows and the minimum lock-in period is for 3 Quarter : 

Single Region / quarter                     -  USD 7,500.00

Two Regions  /  quarter                      - USD 13,500.00

Three Regions / quarter                     - USD 19,125.00

Four Regions /  Quarter                      - USD 24,000.00

All Regions / Quarter                           - USD 33,750.00

Besides the above subscription there would be a 10% commisison percentage chargeable on all sales .

We also have plans for long term relationships which have more closer partnerships and have more retruns commitments . All the quarter commits include a one month period in which the Market Survey and B&T activities are done. 


On purchasing any of the subscriptions from B-aas , the folloiwng is gauranteed by the B-aas team : 

    1.  Market SWOT Analysis against competion                  products with a clear indication of product                changes if needed for success. 

2.     A minimum Sale of 20% of the value of the                  subscription paid in the designated region .

3.     Discovery of at least 5 projects per quarter               and a pipeline of 10x the subscribtion value               paid.

4.     Availability of local 24x7 Support helpline                 desk for supporting your product

5.     Detailed analysis of any local certifications              required for sizable projects and least cost                  ways and means to get the certification if                  any. 

6.     Local marketing and language translation of          coalterals if needed and creating of a digital              media presence in the region.

7.     At least one webinar per month for the B-aas          Affliate group to market the products . 

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